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Jade University was established in 2009 and lies in the Oldenburger Land between the northern Jadebusen, Hunte and Weser rivers. The university has six faculties offering around 35 courses. All three university locations have a long tradition in each of their specialities: nautical training at Elsfleth for instance has roots going back to 1832. This is now the largest nautical training college in Germany. Engineers have been educated in Oldenburg since 1877; and the original academy for business administrators was founded in Wilhelmshaven in 1947. 

Future and profile-oriented courses

Each of the three university locations not only boasts forward looking research activities but also future-oriented training. The Jade model thus enhances the course structure reform: at Jade University, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students both study the same basic courses. Only then do they go off to their own specific seminars. This means: more time, less stress, better orientation – in other words: a course that is doable!

Jade University promotes responsibility and practice-oriented learning, critical thinking and the development of unconventional solutions. Academic education is combined with the acquisition of key qualifications and ethical skills.

Students in Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth also have very good employment prospects. This is due on the one hand to the range of subjects which is oriented to today’s jobs market, and on the other hand to the fact that all of our lecturers have practical experience and maintain their contacts with industry – with all of the associated benefits for our students.

In addition to the strength of the course content itself, students at Jade University also enjoy studying here for another excellent reason: the friendly atmosphere at each of the university’s locations. None of the courses are mere mass production exercises – quite the reverse: the lecturers know all of their students. The contact between the teachers and the taught is therefore very close. 

Studying in Wilhelmshaven

There are currently around 3,800 students (as at winter semester 2010/11) studying in Wilhelmshaven. In addition to the classic engineering and economics courses (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics), courses in mechatronics and economics engineering were also launched here very early on, and made the location well  known well beyond the border of Niedersachsen. The range of courses on offer is rounded off by modern, practise-oriented and sector-oriented degree courses in information technology/telecommunications, mechanical engineering informatics, medical technology, media business and journalism, tourism industry and business informatics. 

Courses in Wilhelmshaven

Bachelor’s degrees

    1. Electrical engineering (also as sandwich degree courses)
    2. Communications and information technology (also as sandwich degree courses)
    3. Mechanical engineering (also as sandwich degree courses)
    4. Mechanical engineering informatics (also as sandwich degree courses)
    5. Mechatronics
    6. Marine engineering focusing on mechatronics
    7. Media industry and journalism
    8. Medical technology
    9. Tourism industry
    10. Economics (also online)
    11. Economics informatics
    12. Economics engineering (also online)
    13. Economics engineering (for women)
    14. Business administration online
    15. Insurance, banking and finance 

Master’s degrees

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Economics engineering
  3. Innovation management
  4. Maritime management 

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